Requiem for a Kumquat and other weird humor

Requiem for a Kumquat and other weird humor

by Peter Mitas

Publication Date: 20/05/2015


Pizza parlor twists into baby parlor. California wine echoes back as California whine. The ‘horn’ in great-horned owl becomes an automobile horn which sparks great-horned Cadillac.

Other ideas just spring to mind out of nowhere and beg to be developed into something that is surprising. For example, what if a woman, instead of a goose, gave birth to a golden egg?

And sometimes he thinks of a wacky phrase that sounds great, for example, requiem for a kumquat, underwater harpsichord or Kalamazoo kitschy-co, and then develops a humorous definition or story for it.

Pete hopes the enjoyment you get from reading this book will encourage you to develop your own style of wackiness. Join in the fun. Words are wonderful toys to play with; they are everywhere and they’re all free.

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Peter Mitas

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