Resurrecting Dylan Brother In All Book 2

Resurrecting Dylan Brother In All Book 2

by Gina Rose
Publication Date: 18/05/2015

Women Are Nothing But Trouble. Such were the thoughts of Dylan’s alcohol laced brain as he drank himself into oblivion over the loss of Wishy. That was easier than ending his sorry life with a gun shot to his own head. He was pretty close to self annihilation, too, when the arrival of Claire, an ill mannered she-devil from America sharply woke him from his stupor. She didn’t want to be there, at his ancestral home, any more than he wanted her there. She soon became the bane of his sorry arsed that he could not resist. Somehow, he knew that unmanageable woman would either give him a reason to live or drive the final nail in his coffin.

Historical romance
Publication Date:
Sybrina Durant

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