Robyn Donald - The Collector's Edition Volume 1 - 5 Book Box Set

Robyn Donald - The Collector's Edition Volume 1 - 5 Book Box Set

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 01/02/2012

Featuring 5 stories


Mariel loved Bride's Bay Resort and she was more than happy to work there again. That was until she met Nicholas Leigh, commanding, charismatic and – to her – the most dangerous! If Nicholas discovered her carefully covered past, it would destroy both their lives. Mariel had to get out of this man's life.... But first she had to break the spell that bound them!

Element Of Risk.

It was eleven years since Perdita Gladstone and Luke Dennison had met last. Now the legacy of their shared past required another encounter. But did Perdita have the confidence to handle a man like Luke, who made it clear that her reappearance in his life was not a welcome one?

The Mirror Bride.

Olivia yearns for a 'real' marriage with Drake, but with too many secrets standing between them, their relationship might not last. Thankfully, Olivia is about to discover she may just have a guardian angel on her side!

Meant To Marry

Anet Carruthers had always kept her past firmly where it belonged, until she met Lucas Tremaine! She wanted Lucas but believed she was being seduced for her story. He wanted Anet but couldn't get close. It will take more than magic to unite this pair!

The Final Proposal.

He's a farmer, she's an image consultant. He despises city women and she hates the country. But when a series of bizarre coincidences make Kear Lannion and Jan Carruthers neighbours, he just can't seem to keep away from her.

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Mills & Boon Special Release

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