Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets

Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets

by Chris Jones and Katherine Jones

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 01/02/2018


Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets; takes its titlefrom some of the powerful influences that shaped and continue to shape our(mine and Katherine's) lives:

Sandbars (TheEastern Shore of Virginiaand its environs**)...**where Katherine was born and lived the first twelve years of her life; where her brother was born; where I met the woman ith whom I have spent the last twenty-six years; and where, as a school teacher (father and husband), I found both personal and professional fulfillment.

**Sandlots (Baseball)****...**my first love (and close to the top of Katherine's loves). We write about the fields upon which we played; players we met, ballparks in which we sat; our respect for the Game's history; and how a Southern family tried, unsuccessfully, to save baseball's greatest shrine,

I grew up in an era when the Game looked, felt, and was played very differently.

**City Streets (Richmond and our Ancestry)****...**for a long time, Richmond stayed unchanged and very Southern. The town my grandparents, parents, and I knew, is rapidly slipping away.

This part of the Book alsofocuses on four very Southern women, all of whom had, and continue to have, a tremendous impact on me, and through me, on Katherine and her brother, Tom.

**Elon (Etc.)****...**Katherine attends Elon University and will graduate in 2014.I graduated in 1980 (when it was Elon College).Elon, along withsome "random writings," make-up the final section of the Book.

We hope you find it a good "read."

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Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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