by Malobi Sinha

Publication Date: 13/04/2016


First published in 2010 by Poseidon Books, Savannah is a moving tapestry by a talented poet

Reviews of Savannah:

"Sinha writes with fluidity, candor, as well as surprising layers of complexity. Through the works, a sense of humor flirts with the reader at unexpected moments.

Long after I thought I had moved on from the book, I found myself reflecting on the dualities of perspective and meaning.

Highly recommend."

"There is a freshness and vibrancy in Malobi Sinha’s poems that I for one have rarely encountered in the otherwise Byzantine mazes of much contemporary poetry. The complex layers of meaning in her poems, beneath their often apparent simplicity, rewards the reader at every turn.

Malobi entitles one of her poems ‘Your Soul’ but I think she is really describing her own world perception, for in ‘Your Soul’ she says:

‘I breathe in

The beauty of

A thousand lifetimes


My Soul ’.”

……………Graham Pitts, Screenwriter

"Malobi Sinha writes poems of suppleness and emotional candour... Although Australia is rich in poetic talent like Ms Sinha, this collection is a testament to her ability and promise as a new poet. The rewards of her poetry are many, and her poems encourage repeated readings, growing richer and more complex each time. This is not a collection to miss."

...............Phillip A. Ellis, Author, Editor Melaleuca

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Malobi Sinha

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