Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1

Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1

by Brother Brad Smith
Publication Date: 02/04/2019

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Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1

Let me take you on a journey of thirty years, where over time I’ve had the privilege of soaking up the environment of thoughts of many people who live through the history of the Bible.

In some ways it feels like I’ve met them all personally, as I’ve studied and meditated on them – researching the events and times that make their situation unique. I’ve pondered what it’s been like to be in their shoes, and sometimes wondered what I would have done if it was me in their situation.

My aim has been to tap into the essence of their thinking, of their emotion, and cause a very deep emotional connection with you, the reader. If my book is simply “a good read” or “a poetic resurrection of Biblical narrative” then it’s missed its mark.

This book is a small compilation of poetry, prose, songs or short stories, intended to take a “slice” out of the life of a Biblical character and help us see what they are seeing, feel what they are feeling, and pause … then make a response.

Each item is a perception, a listening, a waiting – for the tick-tock of thoughts in their head to come to life - and from there to make sense of their situation, translated into poetic rhythms.

Through hearing the voices of their mind, we can take time to reflect. And consider. And change.

Now if you’re expecting a cross-referenced Bible College style narrative, this compilation is likely to annoy you – as it is not intended to be a “scripture and verse” adaptation of the Bible. Instead, the way to read these short stories (and prose and poems) is to “look between the lines” of the Bible and take into consideration the context and environment and influences that were around in the early centuries.

I’m using a little poetic licence in many places, however I’m an avid student of the Word and I’m not attempting to be flippant, nor am I trying to change the perception of the accounts that are printed in the Bible. I’ve pursued many hours of study and research to determine just exactly how these stories or songs or poems might be best unfolded from the Word.

So please, I insist that you take time to slow down and absorb the message and relate to the feelings expressed; and understand the word plays I use.

Seeing through their eyes.

My prayer is that these pages ignite your spirit and help you soar!

Brother Brad Smith

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Brother Brad Smith

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