Seeking Redemption (Curses & Secrets Book Three)

Seeking Redemption (Curses & Secrets Book Three)

by Elisabeth Zguta

Publication Date: 30/12/2016


Robert de Gourgues had done horrible things in the past, even to his own family. Now he wants forgiveness but things are complicated. He’s hounded by an evil group—the Black Wolf Society. Once Robert had sought to be part of that elite group, but now he deplores their very existence.

Approached by an FBI agent who is leading a special task force, Robert is coerced to infiltrate the terrorist group in exchange for his freedom.

Robert goes undercover to bring the Black Wolf Society to justice and hopes to keep his family safe, so they can have a fresh start. But not everything is as it seems and he ends up with something else . . . something he never dreamed possible.

Can he survive the evil group’s reach and protect his family?

Publication Date:
Elisabeth Zguta

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