Seer, Tyro, Fiend: Windsong Lake Series, Vol. II

Seer, Tyro, Fiend: Windsong Lake Series, Vol. II

by Kathryn Flatt

Publication Date: 17/05/2015


Seer - A psychic. Tyro - A beginner. Fiend - A diabolically cruel person.

When a fledgling investigator asks Stefanie Durant to use her psychic ability to find a missing insurance beneficiary, she says “The Ken” does not work that way.

Yet she cannot stop thinking about the teenaged girl who ran away from home and disappeared on the streets of Chicago ten years ago. Driven in part by a recent encounter with the researcher who tormented her when The Ken first emerged, Stefanie undertakes to hone and use it to find justice for the missing woman.

Her efforts transform the pinpoint of light she sees in her visions into a guiding star that will lead her deeper into the
mystery surrounding girl and the unknown fiend who made her flee. As the intricate web of secrets and deceptions begins
to untangle, Stefanie’s visions portend danger as the fiend menaces people she loves. Can her vision lead her to identify
the fiend before it destroys Stefanie’s life too?

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