Sex and the Baltics

Sex and the Baltics

by Paul Hunter
Publication Date: 16/10/2018

Thirty something Liam, recently jilted by his cheating fiancee and fed up with life in the UK, travels from his home town in Edinburgh to the beautiful mini Gothic and picturesque city of Tallinn in Estonia to kick start a crazy travelling adventure through Eastern Europe, which he hopes will revigorate his life and shattered confidence.

The story catapults our unlucky in love hero through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as he meets many weird, wild and wonderful characters, unintentionally getting himself into crazy, fcked up adventures, while trying to stick his sexual conquest flag into every Country that allows him entry.

From Spam girls, Night club toilet shenanigans, Muggings, Sexy MILFS, American Alphas to Russian Mafia run ins and a wild and spontaneous love affair with a beautiful French girl that could bring his travelling adventures to a grinding halt. These are just some of the exciting and dangerous adventures which always seem to be lurking around the next corner.

But what is it that Liam is truly searching for on his sporadic and spontaneous travelling journey? A meaning to his shallow life? To enjoy some crazy adventures that he'll always remember until his dying day? A soul mate to settle down with? Maybe to learn a little something about other cultures and far off unwesternised lands? Or is it just to have countless upon countless, meaningless one night flings and sexual rendezvous' with a string of European ladies!

It's a question he must search deep, deep within himself to finally find an answer to.

BEWARE: Strong language, black humor and some down right blatant nudity in parts.

Erotic fiction
Publication Date:
Paul Hunter

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