Shaping Glass: A Reality Zero World Story

Shaping Glass: A Reality Zero World Story

by Mike White

Publication Date: 27/04/2016


All you need is a Shaping Glass and the right Relic, and you can change the world however you please.

Provided your enemies give you enough time to model every object and person in the room with clay, of course. Oh, and you also have to use the Relic to add in whatever effect you want.

Tal, the Prince of Elwar, is freshly on the lamb after being attacked by his brother the King. Next thing you know, him and his bodyguard, Carmine, have been tracked down by some nasty bodyguards. Tal doesn't have enough sword skills to skewer a lump of cheese, but he can use the Shaping Glass and Blue Ice enough to maybe make your drink a bit colder.

Which may not especially intimidate bloodthirty bounty hunters looking for Tal's head.

Escape is the order of the day, but some violence could maybe happen first.

And some totally unfair beard commentary.

If they do both make it, what will Tal and Carmine do next? Where will they go? Why do weird things keep happening to them? Why don't people appreciate the noble goatee beard anymore?


Shaping Glass is set within Level Three of the world of Reality Zero.

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Mike White
Mike White

Mike White has had dogs most of his life, including a giveaway mongrel when he was a teenager, a puppy who was going to be drowned, and his current huntaway, Cooper, who features throughout How to Walk a Dog.

They've been wonderful mates, loyal company and frequently disobedient. Some have broken his bones; all have broken his heart when they've gone. White is one of New Zealand's best-known journalists and a senior writer at North & South magazine where he has won more than 20 national media awards, including the Wolfson Fellowship to Cambridge University.

In 2013 he wrote the best-selling true crime book Who Killed Scott Guy? He lives in Wellington with his partner, Nikki, and they walk Cooper along the coast, through the bush and at the city's dog parks.

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