Sluts & Cucks: Four Naughty Stories

Sluts & Cucks: Four Naughty Stories

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 14/12/2018


Four sinfully sexy stories of forbidden lust, open marriages, and wicked wives, collected together in a single edition for the first time!

Fantasies are part of everyday life, but what if we gave into our wicked temptations? What if we seized those erotic opportunities and tempting situations when they arose? This collection aims to answer that very question! Featuring lucky wives with willing husbands, married women straying for the first time, and all the explicit erotica you could ask for, this collection of naughty stories is guaranteed to please!

Contains the following steamy tales:

The Cuckold's Tale: Reclaiming Chelsea

Chelsea and Justin are a loving, happily married couple with a shared interest in a very particular kink. Chelsea loves to enjoy other men, and Justin loves to hear about it. All Justin needs to do is get through the long, lonely night by himself and wait for his wife to return to him. She will return to him, right?

Slut Wives: The Rumors Are True!

Clint’s supposedly legendary manhood is the subject of much rumor and discussion at the office. Brandi has never seen it herself, but her husband Harry has mentioned it plenty of times, and she’s definitely curious.

When Clint comes to Brandi’s house for Harry’s birthday celebration, she finally has the chance to find out for sure what’s so special about his member. Will she be able to control herself once she learns that the rumors are true?

The Cuckold's Tale: Gone Too Far

My wife sits in his lap, daring me across the table with her eyes. She wants me to do something. She wants me to stop this from happening. But I can’t. I want this to happen…

It’s poker night at Tommy and Morgan’s house and all the guys are coming over for beer, cards, and mischief. When Morgan’s plans change and she comes back unexpectedly, the guys start to enjoy her company a little too much for Tommy’s comfort, but he can’t say anything to stop them.

As the night slowly spirals out of control, Tommy is backed into a corner and forced to question what he truly wants his marriage to become. Will he stand up to his friends? Or will he sit and watch as everything goes too far?

Slut Wives: Anniversary Affair

I’m horny, drunk, dressed in brand new lingerie, and totally alone on my anniversary. There’s gotta be something I can do to have fun tonight…

It’s Tia and Michael’s anniversary and they plan to spend it together in a hotel, rekindling their marriage and rediscovering their passion for one another. Unfortunately for Tia, Michael gets stuck at work, leaving her to enjoy the room all by herself. What wicked adventures could a lonely wife have while waiting for her loyal husband?

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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