Sluts, Bulls, Cucks & Hotwives 3: Another Four Erotic Tales of Marriage in the Twenty-First Century

Sluts, Bulls, Cucks & Hotwives 3: Another Four Erotic Tales of Marriage in the Twenty-First Century

by Andrea Martin

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 27/07/2018


Another collection featuring four red-hot stories of wayward wives, hapless husbands, and bold bulls, collected together in a single edition for the first time!

The new sexual revolution is upon us. Every day, more married couples learn to push the boundaries and discover new kinks and fantasies with one another. This collection features erotic tales involving shared wives, husbands watching new men handle their partners, and naughty wives playing against the rules and experiencing multiple partners at once. Join the revolution and push your own boundaries!

Contains the following steamy tales:

Slut Wives: In Too Deep

Lydia spent her youth sleeping around and getting hooked on gambling, but she’s cleaned up her act and settled down with a loving husband. On the surface, everything seems perfect.

But deep down, Lydia is growing tired and restless. She yearns for the wild dangers she gave up long ago, and can’t stay trapped in the house another night. She heads out to bring a little excitement into her life… and soon finds herself in too deep with the wrong kind of men.

The Bull’s Account: Seducing Scarlett

Tyler is riding high after a successful day at the office. There’s no better way he likes to celebrate a win than by seducing someone else’s woman and taking her home.

Tonight, Tyler has his eyes on a very special prize. Not only is Scarlett dating someone, her boyfriend is sitting right next to her in the bar. The thought of proving himself the superior male drives Tyler to the edge in his mission to seduce Scarlett.

The Cuckold's Tale: My Wife’s New Boyfriend

‘We need to talk.’

Patrick and Brooke have been married for eight happy years, and things seem perfect. However, the age gap between them is starting to affect Brooke – while Patrick’s sex drive is slowing, hers is accelerating.

After a long discussion, Patrick agrees to allow his wife to take a boyfriend, but how will this affect their marriage? Will Patrick still love Brooke after she’s enjoyed the sinful pleasures of another man?

Hotwife Stories: Have Fun

Jordan is a hotwife, a married woman who takes additional lovers with her husband’s knowledge and consent. As part of the arrangement, Jordan wears a special anklet that advertises her availability to anyone who cares to notice.

While her friends have no idea about Jordan’s sexy secrets, the man across the bar has seen the anklet, and she’s definitely in the mood for a night of no-strings fun…

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Erotic fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Andrea Martin

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