Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Problems Solved

Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Problems Solved

by Fiona PalmerPhilip Ashurst and Robert Hargitt

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 20/07/2017


Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice Problems Solved, Second Edition, follows the innovative question and answer format of the first edition, presenting a quick problem-solving reference. Questions like: Does the use of a preservative in a product mean that it does not need to be pasteurized? How much deviation from ingredient specification is needed to cause a noticeable alteration in product quality? What kinds of organisms will grow in bottled waters? When is it necessary to obtain expert assistance in the event of a contamination incident? are all answered in detail.

The book's new introduction covers basic questions about soft drinks, their ingredients, and packaging. Additional new chapters expand on microbiological problems, shelf life and storage, and fruit juices and nectars, as well as product nutrition and health claims. Final chapters offer soft drink and fruit juice data sources.

Written by authors with extensive industrial experience, the book is an essential reference and problem-solving manual for professionals and trainees in the beverage industry.

  • Uses a detailed and clear question and answer format that is ideal for quick reference

  • Contains additional, new, up-to-date problems and solutions.

  • Contains an expanded introduction and new sections on microbiological problems, shelf life and storage, fruit juices and nectars, product claims, nutrition and health claims, and soft drink and fruit juice data sources

  • Presents a broad scope of topics and process solutions from the experts in the beverages industry

Food & beverage technology
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Elsevier Science
Fiona Palmer

After writing eight bestselling novels set in rugged rural Australia, Fiona Palmer set herself the challenge of writing a story that takes place on Western Australia's gorgeous coastline, which she regularly visits.

Secrets Between Friends contains the same engaging storylines, emotions and hearty characters as the books Fiona's passionate readers know and love, only it is set on this wider landscape.

Before becoming an author, Fiona was a speedway driver for seven years and now spends her days writing both women's and young adult fiction, working as a farmhand and caring for her two children in the tiny rural community of Pingaring, 350km from Perth.

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