Some Chinese Ghosts

Some Chinese Ghosts

by Lafcadio Hearn

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 28/05/2019


Contents: The Soul of the Great Bell; The Story of Ming-Y; The Legend of Tchi-Niu; The Return of Yen-Tchin-King; The Tradition of the Tea Plant; The Tale of the Porcelain God. I think that my best apology for the insignificant size of this volume is the very character of the material composing it. In preparing the legends I sought especially for weird beauty; and I could not forget this striking observation in Sir Walter Scott's "Essay on Imitations of the Ancient Ballad": "The supernatural, though appealing to certain powerful emotions very widely and deeply sown amongst the human race, is, nevertheless, a spring which is peculiarly apt to lose its elasticity by being too much pressed upon." -- Lafcadio Hearn

Short stories
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn (1850–1904) was instrumental in introducing Western readers to Japanese culture and literature. Raised in Dublin and a longtime resident of the United States, the writer, translator, and teacher adopted Japanese citizenship and served as Professor of English Literature at the Imperial University of Tokyo.

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