Some Like It Rough: Five Edgy Tales of Erotic Encounters

Some Like It Rough: Five Edgy Tales of Erotic Encounters

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 21/09/2018


Five pulse-pounding erotic tales of sin, seduction, and hard, intense sex, collected together in a single edition for the first time!

Candles and romance and slow dancing are good, but they don’t exactly set the world on fire. Some women need a little something extra with their sexual pleasure – passion, aggression, intensity, and a man who knows how to get what he wants. This collection features five tales of women testing their limits and embracing their darker natures. Featuring forced gangbangs, unexpected liaisons, BDSM, and hard sex with rough men, these five stories will push readers to the edge and leave them begging for more.

Contains the following steamy tales:


When Madison agreed to go on a second date with Chad, this isn't what she had in mind...

A biker bar. A pool table. A high-stakes game with two tough bikers. Madison had better be prepared to bet big, because these guys play to win, and there’s only one prize they have in mind tonight…

One for the Team

Ava is a high school student who spends her days admiring Carl, the captain of the football team, and her nights fantasising about being dominated by a strong man.

In an effort to try and get closer to Carl, Ava decides to try out for the cheerleader squad, but in doing so she finds herself trapped in the showers, with the entire football team. When fantasy and reality collide, will Ava be able to keep up?

Room Service

Jenna has been working at the Halfway Hotel for less than a week and it’s not going well. Between small mistakes and large errors, Jenna has managed to antagonise one of the guests – a large, strong, black man with a fiery temper, who threatens to get her fired if she doesn’t obey his orders. How far is Jenna willing to go to keep her job? And can she satisfy this stranger enough to be forgiven?

Bad Girl: Caught by the Cop

Vicky Delastro is a bad girl who lives life by her own rules. She seduces rich, married men, steals from them... and runs away. It's a trick that's worked many times in the past, but how will she react when she meets a cop determined to punish her?

Know Your Limits

‘There’s a fine line between pleasure and agony.’

Bridgette is the office bitch. Mean, demanding, and always riding her employees hard, she’s nobody’s friend and that’s the way she likes it. Despite her appearance, Bridgette has a secret – once a month, she visits her favorite BDSM club and submits to strangers for rough no-holds-barred encounters. This time, however, things are going to be a little different. Bridgette has upset the wrong guys and they’re keen on a little payback…

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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