Soulmate, Husband and Master

Soulmate, Husband and Master

by David Jewell

Publication Date: 14/05/2018


There is simply no one better at writing BDSM erotica than the one and only David Jewell—and his newest book, Soulmate, Husband and Master, shows that he not only knows how to write a powerfully erotic book but also knows the dark allure of domination and submission!

Detective Brad Steele solved a case involving the death of his partner, who was investigating a sex and bondage ring that catered to the perverse needs of the rich, powerful and famous of Southern California. During that investigation, he used Angie, an exotic dancer, to help infiltrate the ring and almost got her killed. After the trial, he fell in love with Angie and married her. Five years later, he finds himself restless.

He considers the client list he has kept and the opportunity to offer upscale services to the ring's former clients. With Angie’s full agreement, he starts BDSM: a program he calls Behavioral Deviance, Sensory Maturation. Shortly, they are servicing the needs of the ring's former clients as master and mistress along with a select staff of submissives. Master Brad and Mistress Angela’s business in the Cayman Islands is growing faster than they expected. They are working harder than they had planned and their staff is being stretched to its limits. It is time for a new business plan. This is David Jewell at his erotic best—a hot, steamy page-turner that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

The bondage action is non-stop and filled with surprises. If you are a David Jewell fan, this new book in the Behavioral Deviance, Sensory Maturation series is a must-read.

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