Spanish Bachelors

Spanish Bachelors

by Jane PorterSandra Marton and Michelle Reid
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 22/10/2018

The Spaniard’s Passion - Jane Porter

Sophie knew she could never give in to her overwhelming attraction to South American millionaire Alonso Galván. So she agreed to a loveless marriage to a man who left her with a pile of gambling debts. But Alonso has never renounced his vow that, one day, Sophie will be his!

Now, finding her alone and widowed, it seems his prayers have been answered. At last Alonso can show her what real passion is all about — and that he means to make her his bride!

The Spanish Husband - Michelle Reid

Seven years ago Caroline had fallen in love — and into bed — with Luiz Vazquez. Thinking he’d betrayed her, she’d fled to England hoping never to see him again. Now, because her father owes money to Luiz, Caroline has had to return to Spain.

Receiving a proposal of marriage from the powerful Spaniard, she is forced to accept. But marrying Luiz so he can secure his inheritance is one thing. Falling passionately in love with him again is quite another…

The Spanish Prince’s Virgin Bride - Sandra Marton

Prince Lucas Reyes is angry. His grandfather is forcing him into marriage with penniless Alyssa McDonough who’s pretending she’s untouched by any man. But the intense sexual chemistry between them tells him otherwise…

Lucas’s fiery royal blood is roused! He’ll force Lyssa to go to Spain with him, where he can get their marriage annulled. Because he’d swear that she’s pure, uninhibited mistress material, and never a virgin bride!

Adult & contemporary romance
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Mills & Boon Special Release
Jane Porter

Jane Porter is a London-based illustrator and writer with an MA in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University. She is a winner of The London Book Fair Illustration Prize. A former journalist, Jane has illustrated for a variety of publishers as well as organisations like the London Zoo, The National Trust, English Heritage and Kensington Palace among others.

She also runs creative workshops for children and school art projects. Jane's first picture book as author/illustrator, Pink Lion, was published by Walker in 2017. She's also illustrated Wings!, a picture book by Paul Stewart for publication by Otter Barry Books, as well as a series of early readers for Orion.

When she's not working, Jane can often be found out on the river Thames in a coracle, skiff or punt, looking out for passing bats, cormorants and wagtails.

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