Spinechillers Volume 4

Spinechillers Volume 4

by M.R. JamesEdgar Allan Poe Ambrose Bierce and others

Publication Date: 22/08/2016


Volume 4 is a feast for crows with such tales as Lost Hearts, The Damned Thing, Poe’s famous poem A Dream Within a Dream, and a man’s descent into madness with only his black cat to keep him company. 
This ebook contains all stories from Volume Four of the Spinechillers audiobook series as well as Doug Bradley’s special introduction, including: 

Lost Hearts (1904) - M.R. James  
The Damned Thing (1898) - Ambrose Bierce  
The Trial for Murder (1865) - Charles Dickens 
 John Mortonson's Funeral (1906) - Ambrose Bierce  
In The Vault (1925) - H.P. Lovecraft  
The Black Cat (1843) - Edgar Allan Poe  
A Dream Within a Dream (1827) - Edgar Allan Poe

 Read these seven classic horror stories, presented for the first time in association with the best-selling audiobook series. 

Classic fiction
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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is one of America's greatest and best-loved writers.

Known as the father of the detective story, Poe is perhaps most famous for his short stories particularly his shrewd mysteries and chilling, often grotesque tales of horror he was also an extremely accomplished poet and a tough literary critic.

Poe's life was not far removed from the drama of his fiction. Orphaned at a young age, he was raised by a foster family. As a young man, he developed problems with gambling, debts, and alcohol, and was even dismissed from the army.

His love life was marked by tragedy and heartbreak. Despite these difficulties, Poe produced many works now considered essential to the American literary canon.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and became the most popular novelist of the Victorian era.

A prolific writer, he published more than a dozen novels in his lifetime, including Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and Hard Times, most of which have been adapted many times over for radio, stage and screen.

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