Spiritual Teachings for Our Times

Spiritual Teachings for Our Times

by George Johnston

Publication Date: 14/05/2015


In Spiritual Teachings for Our Times you will find truths from saviors, saints and sages that will be new to most people living in the West. They are based on experience rather than conjecture, and they expand our understanding of spiritual reality. They show us that in essence we are perfect, created in the image of God, and how to penetrate the veil that keeps us from experiencing the light and love within us. The teachings in this book will help you to love yourself and others, learning from your mistakes and forgiving your own and others’ errors in the past. You will find techniques that relax the nervous system, calm the mind and facilitate meditation, constructive ways of thinking that will help you find peace, joy and contentment within, and many suggestions for improving physical well-being.

Spiritual Teachings for Our Times begins by describing the nature of the Self—the immortal essence of the soul—and God. It then presents considerable information on the principles, practices and benefits of the sacred science of yoga, which the author wrote for a college course in yoga that he taught for many years. Next there are articles that explain some of the disciplines and meditation techniques of yoga, and first-hand accounts of how the yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the postures of hatha yoga were introduced to a wider audience in Michigan in the 1960s.

Following this, you will find articles on intuition, the power of love, the origin of the ego, free will, the meaning of the Garden of Eden story, communicating with beings in spirit, prophecy, the return of Jesus and many other spiritual subjects, and evaluations of some current metaphysical teachings.

In addition to ancient teachings from the East, this book includes teachings about love, oneness, the ego and duality that have been given to us by Jesus in our time through those he has chosen to receive and publish his words. Although the teaching of oneness is found in the ancient scriptures of India, it will be new to most people living in the West. And while very few of his listeners would have understood oneness 2,000 years ago, human consciousness is now more developed, and today more people can grasp its meaning. Those who revere and worship Jesus will be amazed and blessed when they realize that, in addition to all that he has done for humanity, he is now giving us new truths and guidance as we enter an era of greater spiritual awareness in a world that is vastly different than it was when he lived on earth.

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George Johnston

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