Spooky Twisties III

Spooky Twisties III

by Terri Bertha

Publication Date: 18/09/2018


Nick, Chris, Lindsay, Amy and friends once again find themselves encountering the creepy and supernatural in their hometown, which has become a magnet for the strange and paranormal.

Will a family reunion finally put things to rest or cause more unrest?

Can you solve a puzzle to save your life?

Does a school science experiment lead to a different kind of competition?

Can a school book report prove to uncover a little too much for one student?

How to catch a ghost in three easy lessons.

The fun and strange continue to surround the kids as they navigate the twists and turns thrown at them. Be prepared to re-enter the spooky town they call home.

Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
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MuseItUp Publishing

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