Sport Royal and Other Stories

Sport Royal and Other Stories

by Anthony Hope
Publication Date: 15/09/2019

Excerpt: "HEIDELBERG seems rather a tourist-ridden, hackneyed sort of place to be the mother of adventures. Nevertheless, it is there that my story begins. I had been traveling on the Continent, and came to Heidelberg to pay my duty to the castle, and recruit in quiet after a spell of rather laborious idleness at Homburg and Baden. At first sight I made up my mind that the place would bore me, and[2] I came down to dinner at the hotel, looking forward only to a bad dinner and an early bed. The room was so full that I could not get a table to myself, and, seeing one occupied only by a couple of gentlemanly looking men, I made for it, and took the third seat, facing one of the strangers, a short, fair young man, with a little flaxen mustache and a soldierlike air, and having the other, who was older, dark, and clean-shaved, on my left. The fourth seat was empty."

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OTBebook publishing
Anthony Hope

Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins was an English novelist, best remembered for his adventure novels "The Prisoner of Zenda" and its sequel, "Rupert of Hentzau".

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