Strangers in Midglaive

Strangers in Midglaive

by Brian Cary
Publication Date: 29/04/2019

Wulfric was a barbarian and a gentleman who enjoyed sitting by the fire and sipping rum in a tavern. Too bad he was lost in a mysterious land, surrounded by evil, and precariously low on rum.

Wulfric Brynjar, our dauntless adventurer, along with a headstrong dwarf named Angus and a growing cadre of misfits find themselves Strangers in Midglaive, a beautiful yet dangersome realm to visit, let alone in which to be stranded.

Strangers in Midglaive pursues our intrepid heroes as they encounter villains and increasing peril at every turn. Meanwhile our disaster-prone troupe just wants to find a way home. As their enemies pile up, let's hope something truly sinister doesn't take notice of them.

"Brian Cary weaves a brilliant, masterful fantasy tapestry, yet makes it a fast read and finds ways to make us laugh at the same time. Say goodbye to that fourth wall. … There's lots of action, unexpected twists and memorable characters. This book is hard to put down."

--Tyler McKinney

Will our band of misfits survive long enough to find a way home? How will they navigate a new world full of fantastical creatures, menaces, and magic without killing each other in the process? The only way to unravel this host of pernicious predicaments is to pick up your copy of Brian Cary's latest fantasy-thriller, 'Strangers in Midglaive,' available now! Scroll up and get your copy!

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Brian Cary

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