Succubus Ardour

Succubus Ardour

by Jai Lefay
Publication Date: 10/08/2018

What would you do to protect your family? What would you sacrifice?

Who would you sacrifice?

Near death and simply looking to protect her younger sisters, Gabby was forced to merge her soul with a demon and become an alluring creature of sin and death under the control of a nefarious group known as the Order. After she is commanded to destroy one of the City’s most pious priests, followed by a renowned detective, Gabby begins to realise she might have a choice after all. Just how many lives are her sisters’ worth? Will Gabby discover the secrets of the Order and who is truly controlling her? Or will she condemn an innocent Priest with the gifts the demon gave her?

Join storyteller Jaidee, as she introduces you to the City of the Wiccad - Victorian London but not quite as your history teacher taught you. The narrative was changed long ago, but now you can know the truth.

Historical fiction
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Jai Lefay

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