Sultry Sleepovers

Sultry Sleepovers

by Taylor Gray
Publication Date: 14/03/2014

Alayna's a virgin who dreams of being taken by a hard, thick cock. She dreams of being fucked and wants nothing more than to play the "little girl" role in a lust-filled relationship. But when she's invited to a sleepover, a dark need arises. This sultry story includes lesbianism, gang bang, public sex, anal, squirting, toys, and naughty secrets that are sure to wet your whistle--or lips.


Char’s lips found the sensitive nub of her breast, and Alayna moaned when she flicked and sucked her nipple with her tongue. Ronnie tilted Alayna’s head toward her and softly kissed her lips. The softness lasted only a second before her tongue snaked out, pushing Alayna’s mouth open. They rubbed their tongues together as the kiss deepened, and when Ronnie pulled away, Alayna yanked her back, shoving her tongue back into her mouth. Ronnie groaned under the pressure.

Zoey pulled Alayna’s bikini bottom off and tossed the fabric to the side. She pulled her legs up, placing gentle kisses on her calf, knee, and thigh. Alayna leaned back when her leg was released and slowly spread them. She felt Zoey’s fingers dance across her inner thigh before tickling her throbbing clit.

“You like that?” Zoey asked when Alayna’s breath caught. “Tell me you want more.”

“I want you,” Alayna replied, breathlessly. “More,” she begged.

Zoey smiled and sank to the bottom of the hot tub, disappearing under the water. Alayna felt her lips being spread before Zoey’s tongue rubbed against her clit. She cried out and reached for Zoey’s head, scrunching her hair between her fingers. Her tongue effortlessly slid across the swollen nib, sending a buzzing sting deep within Alayna’s pussy. Ronnie dropped down to Zoey’s side and slid a finger into her opening, reaching deep inside, flicking the grainy walls. Alayna gasped as Ronnie pulled her fingers in and out while Zoey licked her clit and Char sucked her nipples.

Zoey came up for air, and Ronnie took her place, shoving her finger deep inside Alayna’s willing pussy as she sucked on her clit. Zoey stood and got out of the hot tub, grabbing a bag that was hidden within the shadows. She stripped and placed the bag on the hot tub’s ledge. Opening it, she pulled out a bottle of lube and some toys: a vibrating dildo and a strap on with a thick, skin-colored cock attached. Alayna shivered at the sight.

“I’m—I’m a virgin,” she said aloud, hoping it wouldn’t make them stop. Zoey’s jaw dropped, and Char tapped Ronnie’s shoulder, who quickly came up for air.

“What?” Ronnie asked, pushing her long red hair from her eyes.

“She’s a virgin,” Zoey said.

All eyes were on Alayna, and she shook under the pressure.

“You’re quite the treat, aren’t you?” Ronnie said, running her hand up her thigh. “Do you still want to?”

They watched her with eager, hopeful eyes. Alayna nodded. It wasn’t every day that a girl could lose her virginity to three gorgeous, and experienced, girls.

Erotic fiction
Publication Date:
Taylor Gray

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