Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing

Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing

by Julia LorenLeif Hetland Carl Tuttle and others
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 18/03/2012

Stepping Into Your Destiny

Ignite your passion to live an extraordinary life.

Supernatural Anointing is a unique compilation of engaging and motivating personal experiences and interviews with world-renowned prophets, pastors, worship and ministry leaders. These ministry leaders reveal how you can receive an exponential increase of supernatural anointing and enter into your sacred destiny. The teaching, prophetic exhortations, and visions in this book are believable, reachable, and captivating. Julia Loren imparts a strong anointing to re-awaken your heart to God’s love and your destiny to release the anointing everywhere you go. The revelations that she received from God through conversations with Jesus and other supernatural encounters will ignite your passion to live an extraordinary life.

You be enabled:

· To re-awaken to the unfathomable love God has for you, His chosen one.

· To release the anointing in everyday life.

· To move in apostolic power wherever you go.

· To shift the shadows of darkness that seek to overcome your light.

· To position yourself as an emerging leader during these tumultuous days.

Join Julia and other anointed leaders in navigating the shifting shadows of supernatural anointing!

Encounter Jesus for yourself!

Pentecostal Churches
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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