Sword of Chaos

Sword of Chaos

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Publication Date: 24/07/2018


This second anthology of all-original Darkover stories, first published in 1982, contains the following stories: Lesson of the Inn, by Marion Zimmer Bradley; A Sword Called Chaos, by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Dark Lady, by Jane Brae-Bedell; Of Two Minds, by Susan M. Hansen; Through Fire and Frost, by Dorothy J. Heydt; Way of a Wolf, by Lynne Holdom; A Recipe For Failure, by Millea Kenin; Where the Heart Is, by Millea Kenin; Di Catenas, by Adrienne Martine-Barnes; Camilla, by Patricia Shaw Mathews; Skeptic, by Lynn Mimms; Cold Hall, by Aly Parsons; A Gift of Love, by Diana L. Paxson; In the Throat of the Dragon, by Susan M. Shwartz; Legend of the Hellers, by Ty Nolan; Escape, by Leslie L. Williams; Rebirth, by Elisabeth Waters; Confidence, by Phillip Wayne; Wind-Music, by Mary Frances Zambreno.

Short stories
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Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust

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