Teacher's Game

Teacher's Game

by Anna Mikura

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 28/04/2017


At Thompson University, there's a secret game professors are playing. The name of the game is Teacher's Pet.

The mechanics:

  1. Pick a student. Choose wisely.

  2. Have sex with the student in select areas across campus.

  3. Whoever clears all locations first wins the pooled cash prize.

The most important rule of all: Don't ever get caught.

This term, Math professor Rowen Henderson has set his eyes on Hayleigh Sullivan, the new student in his class. Determined to win the game this year, he'll do anything to make Hayleigh fall right into his trap... even if it means pretending to fall in love with her.

But when the stakes get too high, what happens when Rowen gets caught in a snare of his own design?

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REVIEWS from Wattpad

“Really glad I found this book. It’s keeping me at the edge of my seat!” - TastiiCakkes19

“Why isn’t this story more popular?” - VampireRoses1223

“Can’t believe this story isn’t blowing up with millions of views yet!” - syk2400

“I’m obsessed with this book!” - BadWifi

“This was absolutely amazing! The story just keeps getting better and better and always leaves me guessing!” - Zoey22467

“I’ve never loved a story so much, I can’t even type how much I love it.” - annasuo

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Anna Mikura

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