The Adventures of Red Sonja Vol 1

The Adventures of Red Sonja Vol 1

by Roy ThomasDick Giordano and Frank Thorne
Epub (Kobo - Fixed Layout)
Publication Date: 26/08/2019

An all-new Edition of the best-selling ADVENTURES OF RED SONJA VOLUME 1 COLLECTION featuring the classic Marvel Comics Adventures of the She-Devil with a Sword -- featuring newly remastered interior color art! Containing the Red Sonja tales from Marvel Feature #1-7, these tales are where it all begins, and help set the stage for the current Red Sonja series from Dynamite! Colorist Jose Villarrubia will be specifically re-mastering Neal Adams story for this collection. Plus, legendary Red Sonja writer and form Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Roy Thomas, provides an introduction!

Graphic novels
Epub (Kobo - Fixed Layout)
Publication Date:
Dynamite Entertainment
Roy Thomas

Roy Thomas worked for Marvel Comics between 1965 and 1980, during which time he served as writer, editor and editor-in-chief.

Having co-written two films, contributed to a number of books and co-authored one with Stan Lee, Roy is truly an expert on all things Marvel.

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