The Australian's Hero - 3 Book Box Set

The Australian's Hero - 3 Book Box Set

by Marion LennoxLilian Darcy and Alison Roberts

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 01/01/2015


His Secret Love-Child — Marion Lennox

Cal Jamieson never gets involved. That is why he's a surgeon in isolated Crocodile Creek, and why he never wants a family — and why Gina Lopez had to leave him. Then Gina returns, with the son he didn't know he had. She's only come to tell Cal he is a father, but she is forced to stay when an abandoned baby needs all her medical skills. Can Cal face up to fatherhood? Can he risk losing Gina again? And can he persuade her to stay — this time for good?

The Doctor's Unexpected Proposal — Alison Roberts

Dr. Emily Morgan is giving up on love. She's been let down for the last time. And she carries a secret that makes her wonder if she'll ever have a future - or a family. What Emily doesn't know is that Crocodile Creek's paramedic and helicopter pilot, her best friend Michael Poulos, has a secret of his own. He's been waiting for the right moment to tell Emily how he feels about her. Now the gorgeous Greek isn't going to wait any longer...and he won't let Emily's fears get in the way!

Pregnant With His Child — Lilian Darcy

Flight doctor Christina Farrelly and G.P. Joe Barrett have been in love for two years — part-time. Joe spends a week every month at the Crocodile Creek Medical Center, where Christina works. He lives for their time together, and can't give her more than that. But Christina wants all of Joe — or nothing. Christina finds it hard to tell the big, gorgeous doctor it's over. It's only after she does, that he discovers he can't live without her — and she discovers she is pregnant. His fight to keep her has only just begun.

Adult & contemporary romance
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Mills & Boon Special Release
Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox is a country girl, born on an Australian dairy farm. She moved on, because the cows just weren't interested in her stories! Married to a 'very special doctor', she has also written under the name Trisha David. She's now stepped back from her 'other’ career teaching statistics. Finally, she’s figured what's important and discovered the joys of baths, romance and chocolate. Preferably all at the same time! Marion is an international award winning author.

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