The Bennington Mysteries

The Bennington Mysteries

by Mark A. Washington

Publication Date: 14/05/2015


The Bennington Mysteries

A heavy crate has just arrived at Port and is being loaded onto a large trailer to be shipped to Vermont. It is destined for the home of one James Parker an eccentric millionaire who values rare species of animals of all kinds from all over the world.
On the side of the large crate is the name Leshi. On the trip back to the small town of Bennington Vermont the truck has an accident and the crate falls over on to the road and smashes in pieces allowing the creature inside to escape. Upon being free the Leshi heads straight for the mountains and forest areas in an area of Vermont where it is common for people to go camping hiking and hunting. Because it is winter the footprints of the Leshi appear in the snow extending over 100 miles and in some cases it appears as though the creature has walk-through solid objects for the prints would stop on one side of a building and continue on the other side.

The Leshi is a creature that is a changeling; in its human form it may appear as a tall peasant without a belt or shoes on the wrong feet. It is said to have had wings and tail and is covered in long black hair, sometimes Leshi have goats hooves and horns like Pan. The Leshi has pale white skin and bright green eyes and lives in caves in forest near mountainous areas. This particular Leshi quickly made its way to a cave near the Bennington area of Vermont. The Leshi in this particular case began to hunt its human prey, which were campers and hikers and anyone else who would visit the forest and caves near Bennington. The Leshi would appear as the hiker's friend or some family member and lure the innocent victim to his or her death. And so within a little while of its arrival near Bennington hikers and campers began to disappear essentially taken by the creature.

Shortly after the disappearances of a few people an experienced investigator named John Stone was hired to look into the disappearances. At first the trail was cold for there were no tracks or prints anywhere in the area of the disappearances. Finally John Stone had a breakthrough in the case because one of the victims finally managed to escape from the creature and Stone interviewed her immediately after her escape. She described a very tall creature that could imitate the sounds of the voices of her various family members and this lured her to his cave where he would confine his victims first and then torture them to death. After this discovery Stone decided and knew immediately that he would have to be very clever to catch the creature. Meanwhile James Parker met with Stone and offered his help to capture the Leshi, however Stone would find out that Parker was out to regain his lost possession.

John Stone sets a trap for the Leshi in the forest and uses himself as bait for the creature. The creature quickly finds Stone and attempts to lure him to his cave where he would torture the detective to death. However Stone was clever and when he got close to the creature he took an electrical shocker and electrocuted the beast. This however angered Parker who wanted the creature kept alive. After while Parker attempts to kill Stone for causing him to lose his most valuable asset.

Horror & ghost stories
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Mark A. Washington

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