The Book of Wicca

The Book of Wicca

by David Kennedy
Publication Date: 25/04/2017

Some people will call Wicca a Religion or a cult. But in reality it is neither. I would like to think of Wicca as a family on the journey together to find the true Love and light.

The Book of Wicca is a roadmap onto your inner being on a lifelong quest of living that Love and Light.

We have everything you need to know to start your Wiccan journey or to assist you on a journey that is already begun. We will journey with you from the early history of Wicca up to the practices of magick in today’s world.

We not only guide you in the historical information of this amazing life we also give you the tools and knowledge to venture out into today’s world of Wicca.

By the end of the book you will have a solid sense for the basics of Wicca and Witchcraft, and the knowledge and tools to take your own journey through Love and Light.

Fortune-telling & divination
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Diamondback Publishers

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