The Case of the Blue Ice, A Sherlock Holmes Story

The Case of the Blue Ice, A Sherlock Holmes Story

by Cheryl Lee

Publication Date: 14/05/2015


There is a case of a failed suicide. This is brought to Sherlock Holmes' attention the next morning by a concerned granddaughter. The man was once a client of Holmes' years eariler in which the theft of a faboulous blue diamond was never solved. Many suspects are tossed before the sleuth- the haugty butler, mysterious gardener, two cloaked shadows following the detectives, the hot-headed grandson, or someone else lurking in the background? Soon, more bodies are found and all have connections to the family and a mysterious 'thief', known as 'Thames Weasel'. Will Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson be in time to prevent another attempt, will Lestrade and his usual bumbling ways cloud the outcome?

Crime & mystery
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Cheryl Lee

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