The Case of the Church Lane

The Case of the Church Lane

by Kevin James

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 27/08/2013


It's a shock to everyone when Holmes suddenly suggests to Watson that they should buy a house in the country together. But if Holmes was thinking that life would be simpler in the Homes Counties than in London, then he wasn't counting on the other occupants of the Church Lane. 'The Gang' - as they call themselves - seem very involved in each others lives and fascinated by the arrival of Holmes and Watson.

And there are plenty of secrets hidden just beneath the surface of the beautiful country village with its elegant church, riding school and manor house. And when  Biffo and Janice Horton - the owners of the Manor House are hideously murdered, there end up being plenty of suspects.

Could it have been their laddish adopted son who isn't really taking a year off beefore going to University? The secretive sisters who run the riding school, the quiet lady vicar and her obnoxious accountant husband or the camp real estate agent? And of course it doesn't take Holmes too long to discover plenty of the secrets that have been riddled the village.

Being so close to the crime, Holmes finds he has no other alternative but to get involved, especially as the country police officers are friends with Inspector Pomfrett.

But this case is played out in front of the desperate backdrop of his own relationship reaching a breaking point. How will Holmes solve the case and Watson solve their relationship?

Contemporary fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Kevin James

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