The Castle & Other Stories

The Castle & Other Stories

by Malobi Sinha

Publication Date: 04/05/2014


First published in 2014 by Cresco Books. The places beyond the Rushlands are stark and desert-like; no-one who has ever been there will say that it has ever been hospitable. There are dying carcasses of animals that unfortunately strayed there, and flies feast on their entrails. Of course, these are the carnivorous flies... Nothing exists for miles but the Cactii that spread thorns to the winds and sky, and nothing else grows in the dusty grey gravel on the ground. In the air, the Vultures are ever hungry for a good meal. This is where Inder found himself...

Eva is mesmerised by the mysterious Keven who is new in town...but little does she know the mysteries he really holds!

Louis and Simon get even with bullies with the help of a...faery?

Of dragons, grolims, Gods and mermaids

A Review: "Malobi has a knack for bridging our outer and inner worlds in simple language that nevertheless grapples with deep thoughts and ideas. Her stories inspire adults and children alike. Beautifully written and good for the soul." Shourov B.

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Malobi Sinha

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