The City of Singing Flame

The City of Singing Flame

by Clark Ashton Smith

Publication Date: 25/09/2019


The City of Singing Flame by Clark Ashton Smith - two stories of adventure into parallel universes. Despite its weird beauty, and its function as a portal to the Inner Dimension, the Singing Flame of Ydmos must be destroyed.

The City of Singing Flame (1931) - In the city of strange wonders, the lure of the flame drew them on and on . . . . destruction loomed ahead . . . .


The Journal

A Plunge Into Nothingness

An Amazing World

The Lure of the Flame

Beyond The Singing Flame (1931) - Into the land where distance and time melted away, he saw the enemies of Ydmos destroy the Singing Flame . . . .

Chapter I

Chapter II Into the Flame

Chapter III The Inner Dimension

Clark Ashton Smith (1893–1961) was a self-educated American poet, sculptor, painter and author of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories. He spent most of his life in the small town of Auburn, California, living in the small cabin built by his parents. He hated the provincialism of the small town life but rarely left Auburn until he married late in life.

In the early 1920s Smith found some limited fame as a poet. After publishing a long poem in blank verse, The Hashish Eater, or The Apocalypse of Evil, Smith attracted the attention of H.P. Lovecraft. They became correspondents and friends until Lovecraft's death in 1937.

The City of Singing Flame contains 5 illustrations.

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