The Cuckold's Tale: Gone Too Far

The Cuckold's Tale: Gone Too Far

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 09/11/2018


My wife sits in his lap, daring me across the table with her eyes. She wants me to do something. She wants me to stop this from happening. But I can’t. I want this to happen…

It’s poker night at Tommy and Morgan’s house and all the guys are coming over for beer, cards, and mischief. When Morgan’s plans change and she comes back unexpectedly, the guys start to enjoy her company a little too much for Tommy’s comfort, but he can’t say anything to stop them.

As the night slowly spirals out of control, Tommy is backed into a corner and forced to question what he truly wants his marriage to become. Will he stand up to his friends? Or will he sit and watch as everything goes too far?

This is a Cuckold Tale, a series following married couples exploring the open, wild side of their relationships, often with a little more humiliation and submission thrown in. It features explicit sexual scenes and is intended for adults only.

Erotic fiction
Publication Date:
Andrea Martin

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