The Cuckold's Tale: Living the Dream

The Cuckold's Tale: Living the Dream

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 26/07/2019


What kind of a choice do I have? I either go along with what she wants, or I’ll never have any kind of sexual pleasure from their relationship again. At least this way I can still pretend to be involved…

Joel’s wife Reagan is enjoying an intense sexual relationship with his best friend. It’s a cuckold partnership that has grown and blossomed over time, leading to its current status, with Joel caged and listening to them through the wall.

But Reagan wants to do more than just cuckold her husband. She wants to completely own him. When she gives him a new ultimatum, Joel is forced to make a choice – can he give up all claims to his wife’s body, or will he try to resist?

This is a Cuckold Tale, a series following married couples exploring the open, wild side of their relationships, often with a little more humiliation and submission thrown in. It features explicit sexual scenes and is intended for adults only.

Erotic fiction
Publication Date:
Andrea Martin

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