The Cuckold's Tale: The First Taste

The Cuckold's Tale: The First Taste

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 14/06/2019


Some cuckolds are born. Others are made. This is the story of how I became a beta male…

Every cuckold remembers the moment that changes their lives forever, the experience that fundamentally altered their perception of sex and relationships. This story is one man’s first taste of the most intense forbidden fruit imaginable.

Two young men in a foreign city. A hidden business selling fantasies and oozing with explicit lust. One unforgettable night. You never forget your first taste…

This is a Cuckold Tale, a series following married couples exploring the open, wild side of their relationships, often with a little more humiliation and submission thrown in. It features explicit sexual scenes and is intended for adults only.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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