The Curist

The Curist

by Julie Donofrio and Vincent Calfapietra
Publication Date: 20/02/2020

An ancient legend from the time of the Incas is pursued by Nazis during WWII. A top Allied spy is sent to Peru to thwart these efforts in any way possible, but never makes it to his intended target.

Abby Steel, a modern day New York City homicide detective, is pulled away from her high-profile vigilante case, when her father Dominic calls. He tells her there might be a serial killer in his hometown of Billings, Montana. She meets handsome and charming Ken Stone on the plane ride to Billings and they are powerfully attracted to one another, but there are secrets in Ken’s past.

Once in Billings, Abby realizes her dad was right about the serial killer, when she and Ken land squarely in the cross-hairs of Crajack, one of the most heinous villains to ever walk the Earth. As she pieces all of the clues together, including the truth about the Inca legend, Abby realizes she has to try and take out Crajack, before he kills her and everyone she loves.

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Julie Donofrio

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