The Dark Goddess

The Dark Goddess

by Jason DeGray
Publication Date: 19/01/2018

Fifteen years after the events at the Purple Gates Church and Sol Ranch, Victor Wolf is still a Ruined Man. Stripped of his detective career, he has spent the past decade and a half perfecting the very tricks that saved the world from certain annihilation that night in the New Mexico Desert.

Meanwhile, Frank Barber's career remains unchanged. Poised for a peaceful retirement, he takes on his final case - a case that will take him back to the Purple Gates and back to the friend and former partner he's been avoiding for fifteen years.

Despite years without contact, Wolf and Barber seemingly pick up where they left off and work to solve a case that may be even stranger than the one that split them apart.

As they sift through the clues, several surprisingly helpful souls from the underworld come to their aid. But will help from the dark side be enough to save all of creation from literal hell on earth a second time?

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Michelkin Publishing

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