The Deported - Citizenship by Criteria

The Deported - Citizenship by Criteria

by Cameron Yorke

Publication Date: 24/10/2018


Incarceration, Deportation, Release

The Deported is the final chapter in 'The Chemsex Trilogy,'and explores the tactics the Home office and U.K. Border Authority employ in reaching targets and quotas as part of the British Governments 'Hostile Environment Policy' in reducing net migration as a result of 'Brexit.' Many foreign nationals are deported each week, often to Countries in which they haven't lived for many years.

This is a true story of the challenges faced in dealing with life after prison, Detention centres, deportation, and assimilation back into society. It also chronicles my journey back to success and rebuilding confidence and self esteem, with a candid look at drugs, coping with depression and anxiety, societies judgements and assumptions,and is the final step in completing the circle of my story, from self medication through addiction to rehabilitation and rebuilding a new life.

The Stunning conclusion to 'The Chemsex Trilogy' and a story of hope, Inspiration and Lessons learnt!

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Cameron. Yorke

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