The Dragon Ships of Tycho

The Dragon Ships of Tycho

by Alex Shvartsman

Publication Date: 29/03/2013


Human diplomats race against the clock to forge an alliance with a one-time adversary who possesses a fleet of dragon warships.

For decades, humans dominated much of the known space. Thanks to their superior technology and a vast navy, they lorded it over the other species as they built a galactic empire. But, eventually, they met an enemy who was their equal. Now, locked in a galaxy-wide total war, humans are forced to seek alliances with the species they once oppressed.

The Seelan possess a fleet of Dragon Ships powerful enough to make a difference. Ethan Jenkins and other diplomats must convince a species that was at war with Earth not so long ago to commit themselves to the conflict. The answer to their problem may lie in the nature of the warships themselves.

Space opera
Publication Date:
Alex Shvartsman

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