The Dragon's Hoard

The Dragon's Hoard

by Gerri LeenMary E. Lowd Chris Barili and others

Publication Date: 03/06/2015


Dragons are well known for their hoards—but not hoards are created equal.

A young dragon starts his hoard with some very precious gifts.

One dragon shares her complaints about taxes with a friend as they wait for a lunch delivery.

Another dragon defends her most precious treasures against a group of greedy goblins.

And yet another may hold the solution to saving the Earth after a devastating apocalypse in his collection of bottled treasures.

In addition to the normal gold, silver and jewels here you will find dragons who collection many different treasures.

28 storytellers invite you to enter The Dragon’s Hoard and share the treasure’s within.

Short stories
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Sky Warrior Book Publishing, LLC

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