The Egg of the Glak

The Egg of the Glak

by Harvey Jacobs

Publication Date: 13/03/2017


Many readers have enjoyed Harvey Jacobs' stories in Playboy, F&SF, New Worlds, Esquire, Mademoiselle, and other magazines and Year's Best SF anthologies. This collection, representative of his remarkable originality and range, includes eleven stories of broad humor, irony, fantasy, and poignancy. They evoke first love, the high-pressure world of publicity, and Jewish middle-class New York.
In a zany--but always believable--world, two movie stars hole up in a seaside castle to publicize their latest epic, _Beowulf_... and meet a very real deep-sea monster; a young man breaks out of his emotional shell to seek fame, fortune, and love... dressed in a peanut-shell suit promoting Goobertown; a man discovers all his childhood possessions on sale in an antique shop. The title story is a wild and feathery account of two rivals racing to the frozen North to secure the egg of the world's rarest bird, the fabled Glak.
The Egg of the Glak will satisfy the most demanding critic of the short story, and will remind the rest of us how much fun a good story can be.

Science fiction
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ReAnimus Press

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