The Fury of Sentinels

The Fury of Sentinels

by Mike White

Publication Date: 13/01/2017


Garret is a cyborg that crash lands on the Sentinelese Islands in the Bay of Bengal after being shot down in a war that pits an entity claiming to be the One True God versus what people are saying is a new God, created by humanity to fight the fake one, who simply calls himself "The Newcomer."

The cyborg is badly damaged, and can barely move from where his crashed aircraft spit him out on the shore. Now he has to handle repairs, all while getting shot at, and all in the middle of a massive battle over his head, that he's just been ceremoniously kicked out of. But the battle could come to the island at any moment.

If he doesn't find a way to return to it soon, the war to let the Real God Please Stand Up could be lost.

The New God is still just a babe in the crib, and he needs Garret's help.

(Note-The Senintelese Islands and People are real. Their hostility is not really exaggerated. Look them up!)

Contemporary fiction
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Mike White
Mike White

Mike White has had dogs most of his life, including a giveaway mongrel when he was a teenager, a puppy who was going to be drowned, and his current huntaway, Cooper, who features throughout How to Walk a Dog.

They've been wonderful mates, loyal company and frequently disobedient. Some have broken his bones; all have broken his heart when they've gone. White is one of New Zealand's best-known journalists and a senior writer at North & South magazine where he has won more than 20 national media awards, including the Wolfson Fellowship to Cambridge University.

In 2013 he wrote the best-selling true crime book Who Killed Scott Guy? He lives in Wellington with his partner, Nikki, and they walk Cooper along the coast, through the bush and at the city's dog parks.

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