The Granny JJ Adventures Vol 2: She Back!

The Granny JJ Adventures Vol 2: She Back!

by Joshua Cartwright

Publication Date: 08/12/2018


Granny JJ has ten children, lots of grandchildren - and should be relaxing in her old age. But she can't! She won't!

Not while there are vexing crimes going on in the local Guyana villages - and no-one is solving them. So, she'll have to do it!

Can she solve the case of the Portable Parking Meters? Where IS the Skulking schoolboy going?

By popular demand Granny JJ is back! Five new stories are immediately available and if Granny tells us more then you'll get more new stories (your kindle app or Kindle device will be updated automatically for you by Amazon as each one is released).

Each one is written in phonetic Guyanese Creole with great love for Guyana! But don't worry - if you can read English then you can read what Granny JJ says!

In this release of volume 2 you'll get:

. Granny JJ and The Case of the Portable Parking Meters

. Granny JJ and the Case of the Skulking Schoolboy

. Granny JJ and the Case of the Double Bus Driver

. The case of the Disappearing Bandit

. The Case of the Fake Holy Spirit

. The Case of the Super Secret Singer

. De Oil Well in de Yard

Granny JJ Volume one is available to buy now. It has nine stories and has been favorably reviewed by an award-winning author, the High Commissioner of Guyana - and people from Guyana and the Caribbean love it! Granny even recently got a letter from the President of Guyana (really!)

General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
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