The Happiness Principle

The Happiness Principle

by Randy M Petersen and Elise D Petersen

Publication Date: 09/10/2015


The Happiness Principle is an exciting and entertaining read that turns into what can be a life changing experience for the reader. The fact that such miracles happen today, and the fact that there is confirmation of the existence of guardian angels, and that those angels testify of the existence of a caring and loving God is matchless in terms of modern day literature. It is a wonderful book with a wonderful message that you will want to share with others.

Miracles Happen

In 2006 while giving a spiritual blessing to a friend, Randy Petersen was approached by a guardian angel. This began a series of visitations that lasted the better part of three years. This angel taught of a spirit world beyond this life and carried with her one single principle that promised healing, peace, and lasting happiness to anyone who applies it within their life. The angel that came bearing such an important message was surprisingly the spirit of a 5 year old girl named Lilly Ann. Over time other angels would make their presence known, each bearing teachings that would support this one powerful principle.

A Magical Story

This book tells the story of those angelic encounters and what was learned from them. It is a fascinating tale of modern day miracles that is entertaining yet touching, hopeful and inspiring, and transformatively life changing. This single angelic precept known as "The Happiness Principle" is the most important teaching in existence and carries with it the promise of healing and wholeness within each individual, relationship and family who make the choice to apply it.

Thank You

Now you can own the book that details this remarkable story of modern day miracles and angelic visitations. The Happiness Principle not only awes and entertains, but it takes the reader through a step by step process toward dramatic personal improvement and success. So if you've been searching for an answer to a problem or you need just a little relief from the pressure and stress of life, or you have a relationship that's on the rocks and needs help, or perhaps you're looking for something in which to believe, or maybe you're just looking for an exciting and entertaining book to read... well then you've come to the right place. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for downloading and reading The Happiness Principle.

The Happiness Principle
by Randy M Petersen and Elise D Petersen

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Randy M Petersen

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