The Hidden World Behind Superstrings

The Hidden World Behind Superstrings

by Wim Vegt
Publication Date: 12/08/2018

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The world beyond Superstrings describes a world with dimensions smaller than Planck length (1.616229 x 10-35 [m] ). Since 1971 Superstrings within the dimensions of the Planck length have been considered the building elements for elementary particles . The question arises: What are Superstrings made of? What is the building material for Superstrings. What are the 10 dimensions? This book offers an attempt to find answers beyond unknown borders.

To find the new unknown boundaries we have to go back in time. Because when we start with the same mathematical equations, the same knowledge, we will always find the same outcome, the same answers. And soon we will believe that there is only one outcome. The only outcome within the Standard Model where we will find the same elementary particles grounded on the same Superstring Theory.

To escape from the vicious circle in Quantum Mechanics, we have to leave the path of well known physics. We have to leave behind the founders of Quantum Physics. Great scientists like Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. We have to leave behind the safe path of well- known physics. We even have to leave behind the founders of classical physics. We have to leave behind a very special scientist like James Clerk Maxwell, the founder of Classical Electrodynamics.

And when we walk all alone in darkness, wondering where to go, we have to remember the first beginning of the discovery of light. How a man, half a monk, half a scientist, like Isaac Newton discovered the first principles of the light when he saw the first secrets of light being revealed. When the pure white light was broken through a prism and separated in the colors of the rainbow. Isaac Newton was touched by the beauty of the light as well as in his religious way as well as in his scientific way.

And that is the secret that the world has forgotten. Everything will be revealed to us, when we step down from our towers of power and kneel humble for the beauty of that what has been given to us. Because there is wisdom in beauty. There is knowledge in prayer. And the most powerful wisdom will be given to us out of love. Do not claim wisdom but receive it humble and enjoy the beauty of it.

There is nothing more "non-scientific" in the world than to claim that we have found the "God's particle". There is nothing more arrogant in the world than to claim that we have found the theory of everything and that we have framed God into a quantum mechanical box.

But when we make ourselves humble and kneel for the beauty of the world. When we open our heart for the love that is carried by the beauty, wisdom will come to us and answers will be given for free. Doors will be opened. And we will discover the secrets to open the hidden doors to the unknown worlds.

When we go back in time, back to 1672 when Isaac Newton just had discovered the beauty of light, showing all its hidden colors. And we ask the "hidden world showing the beauty of light": how can we build a world? We will simply find the answers. And knowledge will be given to us for free.

Because the world is always in balance. Newton's second law of motions simply expresses the balance in nature. And balance will be our answer. To build a world, we have to build a world in balance. And that is the only knowledge that has been used to build a new theory beyond Superstrings and beyond 10-dimensional spaces.

There will be no guidance from well known physics. Equations have to be reinvented. And the road will lead straight through faith and believe, through manipulation of truth, through political intrigues, through the darkness of the world. But there is always the hope that at the end of the tunnel of darkness, there will be light.

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Wim Vegt

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