The Highland Knight's Revenge

The Highland Knight's Revenge

by Lori Ann Bailey and Midsummer Knights
Publication Date: 26/05/2020

A Midsummer Knights Romance: A Tournament World of Chivalry, Intrigue, and Passion

Book 4: A Midsummer Knights Romance series

The Highland Knight's Revenge

A Scottish warrior wronged…

Sir Giric de Beaumont MacDonald arrives on English soil to exact revenge against the man who murdered his father. When Giric discovers his foe's son is at the tournament in his place, the Scottish knight hatches a plan to defeat the man in combat and demand his enemy's life as ransom.

An English woman on the verge of attaining freedom…

Jennet Linton desires one thing… independence. After years of captivity with her uncle, then being held hostage by duty to family and her father's declining mental state, Jennet is on the verge of finding all she's dreamed of in the arms of a man of her choosing, her Scottish knight.

When Giric takes Jennet's brother captive, will their newfound love be enough to forgive old grievances and can Jennet live with a man who has spent the last eleven years devising a way to destroy what she has spent a lifetime protecting?

Midsummer Knights Series

Summer, 1193. England is in turmoil, and a great tournament is scheduled near the border of Scotland and England. The greatest knights and lords from England, Scotland, Ireland, and France have gathered to compete for a great prize. There will be celebrations and jousts and feasting. It will be an exhibition of chivalry and warrior skills, a breeding ground for treason...and for love.

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Historical romance
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Lori Ann Bailey

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