The Hogmanay Stranger

The Hogmanay Stranger

by Maggie Lynch

Publication Date: 19/10/2017


Sweetwater Canyon Book 3.5 – A Novelette

(32 pages plus 20 pages of “sneak peek” of Book 3)

The Sweetwater Canyon musicians celebrate Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) in Scotland with Rachel’s father, Gavin Cullen. Since his wife’s death eight years ago, Gavin has never completely been the same. Clearing the cobwebs of the past year in order to begin anew is a tradition with special meaning at the family bed and breakfast inn.

When a young, homeless stranger is invited inside he is met with caution by some members of the band. Will he be a source of division or will he help to free the Cullen’s from the past?

This novelette was first published in the Gift of Christmas anthology. The story is a bridge story between Sweetwater Canyon Books 3 and 4. It includes sneak peek of Book 3.

Publication Date:
Windtree Press

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